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Pharmacy Services

  • Parmaceuticals24 Hour – 7 Day Service: providing continuous access to Sterling Pharmacy to provide the necessary care for the facilities residents; this includes after hour and holiday prescriptions.
  • Cost Savings: With Sterling's large volume buying power, we are able to secure some of the best pricing in the industry. The cost savings as a client of Sterling will be passed along to the contracted facility and the residents for using our services. We save our facilities on average 10-45% off their current pharmacy bill. Sterling will also work with your facility to develop a drug formulary and will utilize formulary management to help keep costs under control.
  • IV Medications: Sterling Pharmacy will be able to provide a contracted facility IV Medications should the need arise to residents, eliminating the need to leave the facility.
  • Proper Packaging: Sterling Pharmacy will package all of the medications in approved containers to provide safe and effective medication handling.
  • Free Delivery Service: Sterling Pharmacy will provide a delivery service free of charge. Daily deliveries will be made to the contracted facility to provide the best in healthcare services to the facilities residents.
  • Long-Term Care Experience: Sterling’s pharmacists have over (20) years of experience dealing with long term care patients and their unique needs.
  • Billing Options: Sterling Pharmacy has the ability to bill to the following:
    1. Medicaid
    2. Medicare
    3. Private Pay
    4. 3rd Party Insurance
  • Price Comparison: Sterling Pharmacy, as a service to residents of contracted facilities, will offer to the residents a price comparison on your medication bill.
  • Pharmacy Services Provided:
    1. Unit dose system
    2. Supplies related to medication administration
    3. Drug information
    4. Drug and Drug –Allergy interaction information
    5. Development and Periodic revisions of P/P related to the pharmacy.
  • Emergency Box(s): containing non-narcotic and intravenous medications will be provided to facility with adequate supplies until medication delivery is received.
  • Prescription Management Service – Sterling Pharmacy is setup to help contracted facilities better manage refill schedules for residents. Sterling runs a periodic weekly query from the computer system to designate resident’s medication refill schedule, allowing refills to be delivered (3-5) days before a resident runs out.